Since 1993, BIGRAM supports its Clients in the selection and evaluation of the most talented managers and specialists. We are one of the most active and experienced personnel consulting agencies in Poland.

Thanks to our support in executive recruitment (Executive Search), as well as the recruitment of managers and specialists, hundreds of organizations were able to successfully complete their recruitment processes and offer their positions to the most qualified candidates we recommended. We also support our Clients in the personnel evaluation and development process through our offer of e.g. our Assessment and Development Centre, employee opinon surveys, remuneration policies and practices, as well as our outplacement services (assistance provided to downsized employees).

We are a Polish company with over 21 years of experience. We have gained the recognition and become members of international organizations. Since 2002, BIGRAM is a member of the IIC Partners network (www.iicpartners.com), which brings together the largest executive search companies from around the world. In 2003, we have become a member of the largest inernational alliance Career Star Group (www.careerstargroup.com). which comprises of companies offering outplacement services. Thanks to this partnership, we have access to global know-how, are in touch with the latest trends in the field of HR, and share our longtime knowledge and expertise with others.

We pride ourselves on the comprehensiveness of our services, the high quality of our projects, the longtime experience of our consultants, a good knowledge of the market, and the dependability and ethics of our operations.

We guarantee a flexible approach to each project and offer the experience of our managers and consultants, who operate within specialized workgroups and handle their responsibilites with the utmost attention to each detail. The high quality of our projects and client satisfaction are our number one priority.





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